Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This is Sophie
 She is a china head doll. She is unusual in that she has a toddler type cloth body. All told she is 27 inches tall (the head is about 7 inches tall).

she is from the end of the 1800s and is dressed in a fine cotton and lace baby dress and slip that probably belonged to a real child at some time. Her body is of cotton sateen and her hands are of leather, or should I say hand, as her left hand and arm appear to have been chewed of by a small dog or something similar, at some point in time. The dress and slip were also chewed and had holes and stains in them from the chewing.
The left sleeve was almost totally destroyed.

I cleaned the dress and then stabilized the fabric and lace on similar light cotton fabric and net and now she is dressed again.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Angel and some vintage goodies

Here is a little Angel that was a special order. She is 5 inches tall and getting into the holiday mode.

also here are some vintage lace edged hankies that I found on a
 recent trip to an antique store.